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Richert Racing has a proven track record of being exceptionally creative in promotions and generating a significant amount of publicity for our corporate partners.

Our Business

At Richert Racing we try to think "outside the box" and are therefore not focused on seeking traditional "sponsorship" resources, we would simply love the opportunity to compete for your marketing dollars.

Our partners have paid less than a quarter of a penny ($.0023) per impression they received which is an extremely competitive rate when compared with all traditional forms of marketing (television, radio, print, online, etc). Almost 70% of this exposure came from sources completely unrelated to auto racing, it's simply the unique story of what we're accomplishing that is providing results.

The primary focus of Richert Racing is to provide our partners with a positive return in value for their marketing dollars.


During his time with Volkswagen's Jetta TDI Cup, David Richert generated over two times the amount of exposure for Corporate Partners when compared with any other driver in the championship. Volkswagen was so impress that they had David represent their brand on a trip to Germany in front of 65 of North America's top automotive journalists.

If you have a few minutes to spare and would like to hear how Richert Racing could add value to your company, please give us a call at +1 204 371 8700.

"Through creative marketing techniques including media placements, public appearances, and other unique methods, David was able to generate over twice the amount of exposure for our company than any other driver. From a Marketing, Media, and Public Relations standpoint, David has provided a great value to us in his representation of our brand."

- Steve Keyes
   Volkswagen Director, Press and Public Relations
   Volkswagen of America

Outstanding! Fantastic! My clients came and had a great time. Between the time since we started and the end of the day I have already received many emails from my clients thanking us for inviting them to this great Richert Racing event.

- Victor B.


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