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S.A.R. Sport and Recreation Joins Richert Racing

Richert Racing is pleased to announce a partnership with S.A.R Sport and Recreation. Based in Steinbach, Manitoba, S.A.R. is an authorized Husqvarna Motorcycles, Polaris and Polaris Slingshot dealer offering a large selection of new models as well as a wide variety of pre-owned models. The partnership centers around having David Richert as the official Brand Ambassador for S.A.R.'s Polaris Slingshot. The Slingshot is a three-wheeled vehicle offering a very unique experience to drivers. "We are very happy to partner with David for this year as we have been longtime followers and supporters of his racing career. He has a lot of experience driving different kinds of vehicles so David's feedback on the Slingshot is always appreciated, as is the help he will provide us in marketing this exciting vehicle." - Randy Wolgemuth (S.A.R.) A new version of the Slingshot, the SLR, has been introduced for 2017 which features among other things, a larger rear tire and Sparco touchpoints such as an aluminum shift knob, pedals, steering wheel and seats. "The Slingshot is an extremely unique experience and probably the closest thing I've felt from a road vehicle that compares to driving an open-cockpit race car, plus the new Sparco components definitely add to the racing feel. I'm happy to be representing S.A.R. as a Brand Ambassador for Slingshot." - David Richert

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