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Hugely Successful First Event for Slingshot Racing Cup

Under brilliantly sunny and clear blue skies the first event of the Slingshot Racing Cup kicked off at Gimli Motorsport Park. With 8 Slingshots entered, the Formula 1 style standing race start had spectators on their feet. The wheel to wheel action continued throughout Race 1 as the top four Slingshots stunningly crossed the finish line just 1.8 seconds apart. Myles Kraut and his Karma Property Management Slingshot went on to win both races of the day. "I'm absolutely thrilled with winning the inaugural race of the Slingshot Racing Cup. I was very impressed with the professionalism of the championship, the performance of the Slingshot, and I can't wait for the next event later this month." -Myles Kraut Professional race car driver, and event co-organizer, David Richert, was equally as pleased with the fantastic show put on by all drivers. "I am really happy to have played a part in creating a championship like this. The weather was perfect, all drivers were fantastic, and it was fun to see the reaction of everyone who came along for a ride with me throughout the day. Hats off to Randy, Adam, and everyone else at S.A.R. in Steinbach for their support in making this event happen." -David Richert The next race is scheduled to take place at Gimli Motorsport Park on Wednesday, June 28th.

Make sure to enter the Ride with David contest ( for your chance to sit in the passenger seat and join David for a thrilling ride during an upcoming race. For full race results visit Slingshot Racing Cup. Photos from Race Event 1 HERE (photos courtesy Keiron Berndt Photography) Ride with David for the last three laps of Race 2

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