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Richert Racing & CHR Media Group Sign Long-Term Partnership

Richert Racing is pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with CHR Media Group, a performance-based digital media planning and buying company. Money and politics are prevalent in many sports, however, none more so than the sport of auto racing where someone can literally be the fastest race car driver in the world, but absent of financial backing, the driver will not progress in his/her career. This innovative partnership will provide both Richert Racing and CHR Media Group with a very unique way to build towards their futures. Richert Racing will provide CHR Media Group with a unique sales platform capable of using David Richert’s business successes and the marketing potential of his racing program to sign new clients.

CHR Media Group will provide an opportunity for Richert Racing to generate the financial resources it needs in order to take the last step up towards competing in events like the Indianapolis 500 and 24 Hours of Le Mans. Richert believes he has always had a great product to offer, but the partnership with CHR Media Group provides something new. “I believe very strongly that I can compete for someone’s advertising dollars and provide them with a return better than most traditional forms of advertising, but it’s always an uphill battle because it requires organizations to think outside the boxes they have often built around themselves...” states Richert. “...this agreement with CHR Media Group allows me to offer additional value when approaching potential corporate partners without requiring them to spend any more money than they’re already spending.” Any company that spends money on digital advertising could be a potential candidate for Richert as this agreement truly offers a win-win-win scenario for all involved. Everything is always easier said than done, but Richert describes the concept as a simple business decision for someone to make, “Say you are already spending money on digital advertising, and I come to you offering a fully sponsored car in the Indy 500 or 24 Hours of Le Mans, a sponsorship worth millions, and I gave this to you for free, would that not be a good deal?”. Richert continues “And all you would have to do to get this is give CHR Media Group a chance to manage your digital media spends to your satisfaction. So you would get the same, if not a far better, return on your digital media spends plus an additional free marketing program worth millions at a cost of zero dollars.” Chris Clark, President of CHR Media Group, is equally as pleased to begin working with Richert Racing. “We have supported David in various smaller ways for several years now and I am thrilled that we are finally able to partner together in a larger way. I’m a huge fan of racing and of course a huge fan of growing our business, and to be able to merge these two passions is very exciting.”

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