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World Curling/Brier Champion Jeff Stoughton to Challenge Slingshot Racing Cup

Two time World Curling Champion and three time Canadian Brier Champion, Jeff Stoughton, is set to take the green flag this Wednesday (July 19) in Rounds 5 & 6 of the Slingshot Racing Cup at Gimli Motorsport Park. The Slingshot, a unique 3-wheeled roadster developed by Polaris, is the star of the world’s first ever Slingshot Racing Cup which is jointly organized by S.A.R. Sport & Recreation and professional race car driver David Richert. Apart from his enormous successes in the curling world, Stoughton is also a big fan of motorsports and is looking forward to the opportunity. “I'm excited for this chance to participate in the Slingshot Racing Cup. I've been a racing fan for many years so it's going to be a dream come true to drive around a race track.“ - Jeff Stoughton Stoughton will continue the curling theme after Olympic Gold Medalist in Curling, Kaitlyn Lawes, impressed everyone with her driving during the last Slingshot Racing Cup event. Lawes even went on to experience a race victory while riding in the passenger seat of a Slingshot driven by Richert. “It will be fun to have Jeff join us for this upcoming event as I know he is a big race fan. Hopefully he doesn’t do too many of his famous spin-o-ramas while behind the wheel of the Slingshot.” - David Richert At the end of this season, the champion of the Slingshot Racing Cup will be awarded with the chance to drive Richert’s ultra fast single seater race car in Europe. The contest winners for this event's Ride With David have been drawn and notified. If your name was not drawn, don't worry, all entries received will carry over to the draw for August 10.

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