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Richert Wins Back-To-Back Events

Rounds 5 & 6 of the Slingshot Racing Cup took place under beautifully bright and sunny skies at Gimli Motorsport Park. The Slingshot Racing Cup is the world's first ever racing championship to feature the Slingshot, a unique three-wheeled roadster made by Polaris. After some incredibly close driving and mid-race drama, David Richert was able to go flag-to-flag and cross the finish line first to win both races. Round 5 featured some exceptionally fierce on track battles, including some passes through the grass, with Myles Kraut getting the upper hand on Paul Thiessen as the pair crossed the line just three tenths of a second apart to finish 2nd and 3rd respectively. Included in the entry list for the event was 2-time World Curling Champion and 3-time Brier Champion, Jeff Stoughton who greatly enjoyed his experience. "A big thank you to S.A.R. Sport & Recreation and David Richert for letting me race for a day, I learned a lot and had a blast!" said Stoughton. Stoughton finished both races in 7th position. Richert enjoyed his race win but was also happy with Stoughton's progress throughout the day. "It's always nice to finish at the front after a closely fought race so it was a great day from that perspective. Driving a vehicle at it's maximum potential is not an easy thing to do so we were all very impressed to see Jeff put down competitive lap times and then be able to race wheel to wheel safely with our regular competitors" said Richert. Full results from all on track activity are available at The next Slingshot Racing Cup event will take place on Thursday, August 10th at Gimli Motorsport Park.

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