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Slingshot Racing Cup Heats Up This Thursday

The Slingshot Racing Cup action heats up this Thursday at Gimli Motorsport Park as drivers prepare for the final push in championship standings and the chance to drive a race car in Europe. Jointly organized by S.A.R. Sport & Recreation and professional race car driver David Richert, the Slingshot Racing Cup is the world’s first ever racing championship to feature the Slingshot, a unique 3-wheeled roadster developed by Polaris. Myles Kraut is currently at the head of the pack vying for the unique experience of driving Richert’s race car in Europe. “I’ve had a lot of fun racing so far this year as it’s a great group of guys to spend the day with and the competition has been extremely close. Hopefully we will have another good race again tomorrow” said Kraut. Richert, who last year became just the 4th Canadian to race at the Monaco Grand Prix weekend, echoes Kraut’s statement, “We are very happy with the wheel-to-wheel racing that the championship has produced so far. Everyone has been respectful and fair yet there have been some extremely close battles, so its been a blast!" A full schedule of the day’s events, including championship points and results, is available here:

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