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Stunningly Close Finish in Slingshot Racing Cup

Rounds 7 & 8 of the Slingshot Racing Cup took place under beautiful sunny skies at Gimli Motorsport Park yesterday. After a morning full of practice and qualifying, a full field of Slingshots lined up for the first race of the day with professional race car driver, and race series instructor, David Richert sitting in pole-position. With numerous battles taking place throughout the field of energetic drivers, it was Myles Kraut who managed to cross the finish line first, just 18 hundredths of a second ahead of Richert. "That was such a thrilling race and it was so much fun to have a close wheel to wheel battle like that. David was right beside me a few times during the last lap but I was happy to come out just ahead at the finish line." -Myles Kraut Round 8 took place a short while later and this time it was Richert who managed to get the jump on Kraut at the start of the race. After a brief mid-race skirmish between the two, it was Richert who took the victory this time. "It was another great day at the track. Everyone drove incredibly well and gave the right amount of respect to each of their fellow competitors throughout both races. To see everyone smiling and recounting their own stories with so much excitement after the race is such a cool thing." -David Richert The Slingshot Racing Cup is the world's first ever racing championship to feature the Slingshot, a unique 3-wheeled roadster developed by Polaris and available at S.A.R. Sport & Recreation in Steinbach. With the results from Rounds 7 & 8, it means that the overall championship will come down to an exciting conclusion at the final event which takes place on Wednesday, August 30th, at Gimli Motorsport Park. Full results from all on track activity are available at

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