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Champions Set to be Crowned in Slingshot Racing Cup

The world's first ever Slingshot Racing Cup is set to wrap up it's final race event of the season this Wednesday, August 30th, at Gimli Motorsport Park in what has been a hotly contested championship battle. Professional race car driver, and Slingshot Racing Cup driving instructor, David Richert, is currently leading the Overall Championship, however the Participant category is being closely fought between 3 rookie drivers, Myles Kraut, Kurt Enns, and Paul Thiessen. Each of the 3 drivers have entered this season with no prior wheel-to-wheel racing experience but have quickly proven to be fast learners and with a skill level capable of posting competitive lap times. The Slingshot Racing Cup features Polaris' unique 3-wheeled roadster called the Slingshot and Richert, who helps organize the championship together with S.A.R. Sport and Recreation in Steinbach, has been impressed with how well the Slingshot has held up. "I've had the opportunity to drive many different kinds of high performance cars and race cars around a circuit and I have been extremely impressed with the Slingshot. We've driven it as hard as can be imagined and it still keeps performing well with lots of very close racing. It's been a blast!" states Richert. Practice for the final rounds of the Slingshot Racing Cup will begin at 10am on Wednesday morning with Races 9 & 10 taking place at 1.45pm and 3.00pm. Video of Intensely Close Finish in Round 7 of Slingshot Racing Cup: Full Championship Points Available Here:

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