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Event 2 of 2018 Slingshot Racing Cup

Gorgeously sunny skies and extreme heat greeted racers for Rounds 3 & 4 of the Slingshot Racing Cup at Gimli Motorsport Park. Returning champion Myles Kraut brought his Karma Property Management Slingshot home to a double victory and walked away with a healthy lead in the overall championship standings. Click for Photos from Rounds 3 & 4 Kraut was followed closely by newcomer Dan Gagnon who put forward a stunning display with two second place finishes in his first ever race event. The Slingshot Racing Cup, organized by SAR Sport & Recreation in Steinbach and Richert Racing, is the only racing championship in the world to feature Polaris’ unique 3-wheeled roadster called the Slingshot. Joining in the festivities for the day was a fantastic group of business leaders from Winnipeg led by Stan Higgins of VersaPile Premium Foundations, a current Slingshot Racing Cup competitor. They not only had the chance to watch the racing action up close, but also received the opportunity to drive a Slingshot later in the day as well. Among them was former Winnipeg Blue Bomber, and owner of Shawarma Khan, Obby Khan. Khan squeezed his offensive lineman frame into Richert’s passenger seat and went along for a thrilling ride in the first race of the day. “It was great to have Obby shouting encouragement alongside of me. We had a blast trying to keep up with everyone while the Slingshot was screaming out under our weight. There was some great wheel to wheel racing action so it produced a lot of smiles and laughter from both of us.” –David Richert A huge thanks to David Thompson of Smitty’s at Pembina/Grant for supplying food throughout the day and to the rest of the championship sponsors including Amsoil and Rainbow Trailers. Rounds 5 & 6 of the Slingshot Racing Cup will take place on July 18th at Gimli Motorsport Park. (Visit for more details)

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