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Double Podium Finish for Richert in Italy

Imola, Italy

Sunday's Podium with Richert Finishing 2nd

After torrential rains made Friday's practice sessions and qualifying a serious challenge, David Richert was able to navigate the circumstances and come away with a 3rd place finish on Saturday and a hard fought 2nd place in Sunday's Drexler Automotive Formel Cup race in Imola, Italy.

Friday was an action packed and extremely wet day with rain falling from morning until night. The critical moment of the weekend came with the start of qualifying as Richert elected to leave the paddock early and take a position second in line to enter the pitlane for the beginning of the session. Being at the front of a 37 car train gave Richert the chance to be one of the few drivers to set a reasonable lap time prior to the start of heavy rain and helped secure excellent starting positions for both of the weekend's races.

In Race 1 on Saturday, Richert managed to fight his way back up to 3rd after an off-track excursion while avoiding a spinning car ahead. Race 2 presented one better as Richert grabbed a 2nd place result after a hard-fought wheel-to-wheel battle with Swiss driver Marcel Tobler.

Click to View OnBoard Footage of Battle for 2nd

"It's been a really eventful weekend so I am very content to come away with a couple of podium finishes. For sure there is still a lot we can improve on but this was the type of weekend that big mistakes could also have been made, so I'm happy for this result." -David Richert

The next race of the Drexler Automotive Formel 3 Cup will take place at the Red Bull Ring in Austria from June 3 -5.

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