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Richert Wins in Hungary

Budapest, Hungary

Courtesy NGS Photo (

The Canadian national anthem was played on the podium in Hungary as David Richert won Sunday's Drexler Automotive Formula 3 race.

The weekend got off to a shaky start at Hungaroring, just outside of Budapest, as both car and health issues forced Richert to miss all 3 practice sessions for the weekend.

Saturday started with pouring rain for qualifying and in the afternoon Richert managed to move up positions and finish 2nd in the first race of the weekend.

Race 2 took place on Sunday under sunny skies and this time Richert was able to push his way to the front with a pass for the lead on the penultimate lap of the race.

"The weekend was a blur and on Friday I wasn't even sure if we would be able to complete the races. So to not only participate, but also come away with a victory, it's a very satisfying finish to a tough weekend." - David Richert

Richert's next race is April 22 - 24 in Monza, Italy.

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